Amore - 1M Basic Bed
Sirio - Slim Box 1 Basic Movement Bed

Teca Vision Fabric - 2M Best Bed

7-10 Weeks
Made to Order

Teca Vision sommier 3 side box 2M best


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Dark shades, full backgrounds and architectural cuts coexist in an environment that welcomes, keeping the distance, to discover oneself little by little. The solidity of the spaces and furnishings is deconstructed by large windows, from which to admire the decisive profile of a skyline that continues its journey inside, designing a city tailored to the lifestyle of those who live there.

Height: 35cm
Length: 182cm, 202cm
Depth: 201cm, 211cm

Box bedframe foot

- Plastic foot (Nero) included in the price: H 50, H 70, H 100 cm.

- Cylindrical wooden foot D.50: Surcharge for H 50, H 70, H 100cm available in naturale, noce, moro finish | £13

- Rectangular anterior wooden: Surcharge for H 50 available in Naturale, Noce, Moro finish | £34

- Cylindrical metallic foot D. 50: Surcharge for H 50, H 70cm | £17, H 100cm | £21 available in acciaio finish

- Molded metallic foot: Surcharge for H 100cm available in Acciaio | £56,  Rame, Anod Oro, Anod Black, Titanio finish | £77

- Foot in plexiglass Surcharge for H 100cm | £95

Let us know what foot you prefer!

Please check the technical sheet in the files attached.

For help and advice contact us! [email protected]

Please let us know the colour after you choose the category (Attachment). Don't worry if you forgot to contact us, a member of our team will be in touch with you before ordering.


Material Sheet

Material Sheet_Kico

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Technical Sheet

Teca Vision

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