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Glas Italia is nowadays a benchmark in the sector of design for the manufacturing of crystal furnishing and complements. From tables to mirrors, from doors to partition walls; the tradition of the Lombardy region fuses with the contemporary influences that look at the demands of the most innovative trends in interior design with an aim to offer products with a striking visual impact, resulting from a thorough study of shapes and colors, lights and glares. Founded in Macherio, in the Brianza district, the company shortly monopolized the market. The eye for detail and the rich experience for what relates to transparencies and light plays are Glas Italia workhorse and what let its market expand. The project design and production of tables and mirrors, shelves and furnishing complements are framed in a perfectly balanced combination between functionality and visual pleasure.

Glas Italia. Furnishing and crystal components

Crystal manufacturing was the first step in terms of material that the company from Lombardy decided to move in the early ‘70s in order to produce a wide array of furniture and complements for the interior design. Year by year, Glas Italia has been undertaking a decisive evolutionary path that brought it from a small family business to the entrepreneurial reality it is today, present in five continents and over 100 countries. The refinement and transparency of crystal, the aesthetic pureness of glass and the thought use of light have catalyzed the attention of hundreds of designers who decided to partner with the brand. Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, Jasper Morrison, Jean Marie Massaud, Naoto Fukasawa, Nendo, Patrick Norguet, Piero Lissoni (art director since 2004), Philippe Nigro, Tokujin Yoshioka and Johanna Grawunder, are but some among the most notorious personalities who left their signatures on Glas Italia furnishing solutions.

Numerous are also the awards and acknowledgments Glas Italia has received. Among them, there are the Compasso D’Oro 2014 awarded to Luminous, the pieces designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. The collection of high tables with the top and legs in transparent crystal has obtained the plaudit of the international board for the formal purity and the extraordinary quality of the details achieved through sophisticate techniques of crystal processing and three-dimensional gluing. Winner of the Interior Innovation Award-German Design Council in 2009 and Mention of Honor at the XXII Compasso D’Oro ADI in 2011, the Oscar table by Piero Lissoni is made of extra-light, transparent glass, a synonym of lightness and purity that has seduced many customers, professionals and enthusiasts for its mixture of robustness, frailty, purity and formal cleanness.

How does a furnishing by Glas Italia come to life

The company has recently issued a short movie steeped in a nostalgic tone, shot with an aim to enhance the industrial and artisan manufacturing that leads to the creation of Glas Italia furniture. “All the invisible”, the short movie title, wants to turn into “visible the invisible” by conveying the passion that moves the company every day. The furnishing elements acquire a totally new value – ideal and rich in implications that go beyond aesthetics –, with an aim to open a privileged and authentic view over a production phase that is normally unknown to the majority. As a matter of fact the manufacturing of a product goes through human experimentation, the knowledge of the material and the objective pursued by every designer with their project. All this is conveyed through the neat and extremely explanatory images of the short movie by Federico Pepe, founder and art director of Le Dictateur Studio. Ancient wisdom is magnified by the film editing and music that take the viewer by hand through the discovery of an industrial reality that is often kept too hidden and distant from the collective imaginary.

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