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With a fluid and dynamic style born from the contamination with thoughts, suggestions and charm both national and international, Inkiostro Bianco proposes a reinterpretation of the timeless wallpaper, which is transformed into a modern and interesting product able to give new life to any environment. The company was born from the passionate and avant-garde collaboration of a well-nourished group of artists, graphic designers and designers who decided to give a new life to a typical element of twentieth century furniture. With skill and a strong expressive humility, Inkiostro Bianco's projects take hold and become a reference point in the sector, monopolizing the idea of decoration and renewing it in an innovative and original key. The collections proposed by the company, collected in a vast catalogue of over 500 graphics, are divided according to the year of creation and gather a multi-thematic series of styles that fully represent the artists' attempt to give an extra touch of versatility and dynamism to each commercial proposal.

Inkiostro Bianco: the wallpaper revolution

The main element of expression and full-bodied material, wallpaper allows you to "dress" an environment that would otherwise remain naked and bare, unable to convey the emotional potential that is always contained in it. If every domestic, commercial or work unit must convey an idea, an impression or a feeling, then art must be able to catalyze a concept through its presence everywhere. Coating the walls of a room or an entire house, therefore, is the modus operandi chosen by Inkiostro Bianco to give identity and expressive strength to the environment.

Inkiostro Bianco has always been the spokesman of research not only on styles and decorative creations, but also on the materials used to achieve a durable and perfectly balanced effect: the prints are produced on vinyl support, or on EQ-Dekor, a fiberglass ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and floors, or even on canvas, the main fabric of traditional art that allows you to create temporary installations.

There is no lack of interesting novelties proposed by the company in order to renew its art and range where until now no creative had ever decided to go. From the collaboration with Listone Giordano, was born the innovative collection of laser engraved parquet, whose aim is to open a multisensory dimension also in the field of flooring. The Parquet inciso is an installation worthy of note for its expressive potential: it is a decoration that slides from the wall onto the walkable surfaces, meeting new materials. Also, in this specific case, Inkiostro Bianco is a leading company in experimentation and collaboration with Italian companies in order to find new expressive media, designed to enhance the personality and attitude of each customer who interfaces with the products offered.

Customize walls, floors, ceilings and furnishing accessories with Inkiostro Bianco

The outfit of the wall, ceilings, floors and furnishing accessories in general is designed to give a new look to any type of space. Inkiostro Bianco represents an ally that for years has put its many years of experience at stake, creating decorative installations that are always different and daring, the result of a passion for art and design that does not fade away. The preparation phase is internal and self-managed at best by the manufacturer. The brand offers a wide range of graphics customization according to the customer's needs, from the choice of the image to the printing of the product, realized thanks to advanced digital technologies, to ensure the best in terms of both visual and tactile performance. The result is a perfectly balanced mix of winning themes in the world of architecture and interior-design: innovation, research and production, without forgetting personalization and creativity. The company's professionals fully reflect the iridescent and always dynamic soul that the art world should have in order to continue to experiment and play with shapes and colors, materials and ideas.

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