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Kastel successfully operates in the furniture sector with diversified productions of office, community and home furniture.

Propose comfort in union with design, this is the company mission, the principle that guides every step of the production activity.Each Kastel proposal comes from an in-depth analysis in terms of ergonomics, space and shape relationship, selection of materials, of choice of colors. Offer maximum functionality associated with a highly prestigious image, and ensure quality that is constant in execution. Kastel, an important reference point, which has become such also due to the extreme professionalism and competence of its staff who are always up to date and able to follow and support a constantly evolving market. The style, quality and design of the Kastel proposals are shown in an innovative and engaging way, perfectly inserted in an environment where you can breathe an air of glamor.The perfect balance between shapes and materials gives back a strongly contemporary space with a modern, original and incredibly attractive. Acting and implementing through an organizational and operational model that aims at total customer satisfaction, operating with extreme transparency and a sense of responsibility, so that real excellence can be achieved. Kastel is an ISO 9001 certified company. Models certified according to European standards EN 1335 DL 81-2008 and EN 13761.

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