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In 1999 LAURAMERONI Design Collection was just a project, a difficult undertaking, a risky and at the same time irresistible call, but where the main guidelines had already been clearly defined. The high quality of the selected materials, the care for details especially in the surface decoration and the customization service offered to the most ambitious customers, represent the basis of the business philosophy. Nowadays LAURAMERONI Design Collection represents an international reality, which has successfully outlined its own physiognomy within the crowded world of design, capable of realizing solutions for customers who look for furnishings with strong personality and appreciate their perfect relationship between art and design.

The manual component is an essential feature of our production, as are the care and originality of details and the innovation and research in the surfaces’ treatments. This tangible product characteristic results from the “Surface Design” approach of bringing the design to the surface, not only to the shape of the product, which results in a different and unique production.

For us, the true tradition of Made in Italy is to make products where the differentiation and uniqueness must prevail, the ability to combine tradition and originality, balancing craftsmanship and creative imagination, being in love with details and pushing always forward the research for innovation.

LAURAMERONI offers to the most renowned artists in design and architecture the possibility of overcoming the bonds required by the mass- production, giving life to iconic collections, with a strong identifiability and that stands apart from the multitude of identical proposals.

We create made to measure furniture whilst staying true to the original design, offering a service that makes the product unique: the difference between the atelier and the prêt-à-porter. LAURAMERONI still has the nature of an evolving project where every single element acts in creating unique and customized ambients where the philosophy is simple and clear: “be different be unique”.

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