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1. Uniqueness

Sofas, beds and armchairs, the three categories offered in a versatile gallery of models, each of which is a unique expression of a particular style. The synthesis of a meditated convergence of fabrics and colors with luxurious fixtures and fittings, LeComfort plasmates their creations with the inspiration derived from the individuality of each person. The vast range of products offered upholds unrepeatable quality.

2. Quality

All LeComfort models are the result of scrupulously calculated design and long-standing and proven experience in the field. LeComfort combines the impeccable skill of hand craftsmanship with superior quality materials, thereby rendering the production process a truly creative act.

3. Care

As in works of fine art decorated with the most secret and subtle of nuances, LeComfort prizes attention to detail in the realization of every single model, guaranteeing the value of their work. From a raised border to an agile seam, every tiny detail is witness to a conscious and rational compositional path.

4. Innovation

Keeping up with the times by flowing along new horizons of technology, within the boundaries of traditional manufacturing. Movable seating, reclining headrests and raised armrests are just a few examples of the functional predispositions inherent in numerous LeComfort models. Invisible mechanisms created to expand and amplify the experience of comfort.

5. Design

Quality materials combined with versatile function, interacting with an in-depth study of style, interpretate a variety of different aesthetic inclinations to create the design concept in line with the imaginary of LeComfort. Substance and form come together in unision.

6. Respect for Nature

The LeComfort universe fits into that delicate balance which for centuries has seen man involved in a wonderful yet precarious relationship with Nature. Designed on a human scale and dedicated to protecting nature, the LeComfort approach, in all stages of production, comes from an unconditional respect for the environment, first and foremost advocate of well-being.

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