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Di Lazzaro operates in the contemporary furniture sector.

It produces chairs, tables with artisanal skills for wood and fabric processing.

At the end of the 1950s, on the initiative of Antonio Di Lazzaro, the company was born in an artisanal dimension; the wooden chairs constitute the initial production, later extended to the tables.

New technologies lead to the overcoming of a tradition devoted to the indispensable, to the classic, to arrive at a design product that wants to satisfy new lifestyles and behavior.

The chair becomes a symbol of a cultural terrain in constant motion.

The collection is vast and heterogeneous, open to planning, culture and research. From a working methodology directed towards a high quality standard, a product is born, at a possible price, able to satisfy an increasingly demanding market.

Di Lazzaro applies a control on the execution to guarantee a unique service, from the standard painting to the sample colors.

The exponential growth of its sales was fundamental and consequently the construction of a new work center which led the company to a progressive transition from the initial artisan vocation to the industrial one; a series production strongly desired by the Di Lazzaro family who believe in a new challenge for the concept of an important product.

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