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For over 15 years, Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with its innovative and sparkling design. The style of the Moooi collections is exclusive, bold and playful, because it is based on the belief that design is a matter of love. Objects of timeless beauty in which the uniqueness and character of the past combine with the freshness of modern times. This fusion leads Moooi to focus on the production of iconic objects, from seats to tables, without forgetting accessories and complements. Moooi creates interiors furnished with a variety of patterns and colors that can embrace any type of space so that people of different ages, cultures and personalities can fall in love with their homes.

The company, founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, takes its name from the adjective "beautiful" in Dutch. The third "or" added to the brand name is synonymous with added value in terms of beauty and uniqueness. In 2015 Robin Bevers took over as CEO of Moooi, replacing co-founder Casper Vissers. Marcel Wanders continues to be the creative soul of the brand, since 2013 flanked by Desirée de Jong, but in addition to his projects, Moooi has also created over time a series of original collections with other famous names in the design scene, such as Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Jaime Hayon, Neri & Hu, Joost van Bleiswijk, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc.

The magical and eclectic style of Moooi

In Moooi's furniture and accessories we find that touch of magic that makes everyday life lively and creates original and eclectic atmospheres, with its style that combines different cultures and references, colours and patterns for a unique and fascinating home. The first Moooi projects to be immediately successful in 2004 were the Shade Shade collection and Maarten Baas' Smoke Chair. The Random, Raimond and Heracleum lamp collections have also been very successful and remain among the best-selling lamp collections, as well as Prop Light, which can be considered the symbol of the brand.

From the beauty of the furnishings to the beauty of the person, the step is short, especially for a bold and provocative brand like Moooi: in 2014 it launches a line of beauty products for luxury hotels under the brand Luxury Hotel Cosmetics.

In 2015 is the introduction of a new line of rugs, Moooi Carpets, colorful and original, whose patterns are realized in a photorealistic way thanks to a high definition printing technique.

The Moooi team is fully and passionately dedicated to its mission: to satisfy the customer and offer the best on the market. The company's business is the result of the creativity of each member of the team, always open to new initiatives, as a source of opportunities and growth. Moooi is proud of what she's done so far but is never satisfied. This is why it constantly evaluates products, services and systems in order to improve its internal organisation in each of these areas.

The guarantee of the original design signed Moooi

Moooi believes in good design and wants to support the originality of the creative processes that lead to good design. Design brands and designers deserve protection to continue to create new products and invest in the marketing of their projects. Born in Moooi's secret laboratories, "The Button" is a personal guardian of authentic design, a hi-tech superhero with NFC technology that will accompany every Moooi product.

Today, mass production and counterfeiting are becoming increasingly common. The process of designing, manufacturing and marketing a new product takes time. During that time, it is easy to copy and reproduce the design and invade the market with cheap imitations. Fighting these unfair practices often seems pointless, Moooi realized that instead of fighting copies, the smartest choice would be to shift the focus to emphasizing his projects. Protecting Moooi designs with intelligent technology, providing proud Moooi product owners with digital proof of their investment: this is why The Button, the secure digital guardian of an investment in the future of authentic design, was born. The button works with NFC technology, which, thanks to the new Secure Unique NFC function, cannot be copied. The Button can be scanned with an NFC compatible device (smartphone or tablet) and the Moooi app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store.

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