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Novamobili is a leading name internationally, a byword for product and service quality, always in step with a constantly developing market. Behind this brand is an important tradition, a specific philosophy, ongoing research and a true commitment to sustainable development.

Concept, creative and design direction: Margherita Rui - dogtrot

Novamobili today

Today Novamobili stands out in the furniture world for its modular systems, setting out to inspire personal concepts of domestic life by designing furniture that rewrites the rule book so that we can build spaces around the objects we want to have near. The cornerstone values of our philosophy are modularity, flexibility, cross-functionality and wide applicability, the clear expression of an artisan tradition that lives on in a technologically advanced company open to future challenges. The company comprises a team of designers and engineers who, in collaboration with leading names in architecture and design, never fail to come up with innovative tailor-made furniture solutions.

Research and development

In the R&D department, new furniture ideas and solutions take shape and are put to the test: this is where technological innovations are combined with experience and tradition, all in the name of quality. From production lines to stock management, Novamobili employs innovative technologies, enabling the company to offer an exceptional level of productivity - capable of meeting any demand - while also providing the option of custom-made systems, with fast turnaround times. Painting and assembly are still carried out by hand by expert craftsmen who are passionate about the work they do and diligently oversee all stages of the production process. It is this kind of constant diligence that ensures high standards of quality in both finishes and service.

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Allout is an occasional table that serves as a useful set-down space in the living room or bedside table in the bedroom. Its circular shape means it has plenty of storage space inside, which is exploited to the full with a handy drawer featuring a grip edge at the top of the front. It comes in a matt lacquered finish, available in any of the colours from the catalogue.