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Oggioni has been the storage bed Specialist for over 30 years

An idea born in 1988 in Oggioni and became for Oggioni the "mission" that made him the recognized bed-container specialist with intuitions, inventions and patents that gradually marked its evolution.


An idea that Oggioni has developed over time by making the bed a dynamic element capable of performing multiple functions. A bed designed not only to sleep, but also to open, contain, lift up. To make the house bigger and life a little easier.


The Oggioni container beds are the result of a careful design that takes into consideration the ease of use of the opening mechanisms, safety, space in the bedroom, the synergy of all the components of the bed (mattress and gas springs). in particular), resistance to daily use, the need to be able to comfortably use all the space under the bed.


Each Oggioni bed-container is entirely Made in Italy, made through a "short supply chain", which keeps intact the high quality that has always characterized our products. In our internal department all the textile coverings and accessories of our beds are created with tailored care. The craftsmanship is expressed in the skilful dexterity and continuous creativity that leads each year to new and interesting processing of the fabrics, leathers and imitation leathers of our rich collection.

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