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In 1945, in a Milan on the way to economic recovery, Giuseppe Ostuni founded Oluce, the oldest Italian lighting company still in full activity today. Since its birth, Oluce has studied, harmonized, and merged design, technology, and aesthetics to create objects that, moving beyond fashion, passions, trends, and tastes, have become enduring symbols and interior design icons. Only six years after its founding, Oluce successfully participated in the IX edition of the Triennale, proudly presenting Luminator designed by Franco Buzzi. Its success was confirmed by Domus, which, thanks to its widespread circulation beyond the Alps, gave the brand international visibility and fame.

At the 1955 Compasso d'Oro, designer Tito Agnoli, with whom the brand was already collaborating, and whose famous fixture bore his name, received mentions for two Oluce lamps. "Agnoli," the 255/387 floor lamp, is slender and slim but also extremely functional for domestic contexts. In addition to Agnoli, Oluce has also worked with other illustrious names in design, including Forti, Arnaboldi, Monti, and Minale.

Oluce lamps that have made design history

Oluce owes its real revolution to Joe and Gianni Colombo, a collaboration that continued with Joe after his brother Gianni decided to devote himself to pure art. From the pencil of these design geniuses came the 281, a revolutionary table lamp christened Acrilica. Light seems to ascend in this innovative fixture that received a gold medal at the XIII Triennale. That same year, the Triennale also awarded Joe Colombo two silver medals for other products, making him one of the most prominent designers of the time.

This was the beginning of the 1960s. Oluce did not seem to halt in its visionary race towards a highly technological future. Marco Zanuso designed the 275, whose characteristic is the large, easily adjustable white perspex diffuser. The first watertight outdoor lamps came – again - from Joe Colombo, who designed Fresnel, whose diffusers are fastened by large steel clips. The first Compasso d'Oro was awarded in 1967 to Spider, a single illuminating body that can be mounted anywhere thanks to its particular melamine joint, adaptable to different supports. Available in different versions, Spider inaugurated the concept of the collection. In 1967, Joe Colombo designed Coupé, a lamp that still holds a place of honor at New York's MoMA. With its elegant, distinctive head and unique shape, the fixture won the International Design Award from the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago.

Vico Magistretti and the Atollo lamp

In 1970, Joe Colombo was also responsible for the birth of the first halogen lamp, aptly named "Colombo". During the '70s, Giuseppe Ostuni handed ownership over to the Verderi family, who continued the essential and enduring collaboration with design maestro Vico Magistretti who created many lamps that remain forever in the history of lighting design: Kuta, Lester, Nara, Idomeneo, Pascal, Dim, Sonora, Snow, but above all Atollo, the undisputed Oluce icon, known throughout the world - imitated but inimitable, exhibited in the most famous museums, winner of the 1979 Compasso d'Oro.

The 1990s were marked by numerous successes, thanks to unique collaborations with important names that designed history-making creations. Among them were the English Sebastian Bergne, the Italians Laudani&Romanelli, brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and Toni Cordero. The new millennium opened its door to even more in-depth research into the geometry of form and into fine materials and finishes. New international figures joined Oluce: Nendo and Toshiyuki Kita, Gordon Guillaumier, and Carlo Colombo and Lutz Pankow, Francesco Rota and Ferdi Giardini, Sam Hecht and Jörg Boner with AngelettiRuzza, Nicola Gallizia, Victor Vasilev, and Christophe Pillet.

So many prestigious names, so many different visions, so much inspiration and imagination continue to bestow value and success upon a company that has inspired the evolution of the art and technology of light.

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