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Ondarreta is a family business that has been working in the field of design and manufacture of tables, chairs and stools for both the home and contract since it was founded in 1977.

Making furniture is how our ancestors taught us to understand, imagine, and make sense of the world, to leave our trail. We work to make our society increasingly aware of good design, to instill life in new and antique spaces, to strengthen bonds by fostering beautiful, creative encounters, and to support those who write poems, design posters, type emails, enjoy gastronomy, play the harp, or contemplate art.

We are heirs of woodworkers in the world of contemporary design. Tradition and innovation are the two lenses through which we look at life. We conceive our collections showing deep respect for what really matters to us: an artisanal tradition that has been alive and evolving for over forty years and our will to maintain a vibrant style that balances beauty and function, technology and craft, and local and global perspectives. We are roots and future; we are origin and destination.

We come in contact with raw materials at the source: we know them, we love them, we shape them with respect, just as our family tradition has taught us. As craftspeople, we include our client’s voice in the long-lasting dialogue between wood, metal, and fabric. As designers, we listen, we enquire, we explore the world, and we observe how every chair we sit on is built. As a generation taking on the baton, we began to build a new tradition: one of collaborating with architects, interior designers, and design studios worldwide. Every day we bring together an insatiable curiosity and the recognition of our origins to create pieces that have been selected by chefs to receive diners, architects to make historic buildings more contemporary, interior designers to decorate creative residencies and art galleries, and individuals to bring warmth to their homes.

We value highly what we do but also who we are and what we build around us. We believe the principles of honesty, ethics, and solidarity that began to be forged in our grandfather’s workshop to be more important than ever today in making what we understand as good design. Good design is not only about aesthetics, function, and satisfying the clients’ needs. Good design is also about maintaining high quality standards and guaranteeing that, at every step of the process, we care for raw materials and for the earth that provides them and that we work to add value to everyone who contributes to the process of bringing our products to life. We responded to the globalization crisis in the 90s by committing to producing and buying every piece of our furniture in the Basque Country. We have kept this commitment until today, consolidating a production ecosystem that allows us to ship from our warehouse batches of tailored furniture made locally to be used in all sorts of spaces, all around the world.

In our hearts lie tradition, heritage, love for arts, the will to create cohesion between all parts. We care about fostering creativity and wellbeing, we care about making you comfortable, about being there when bonds form. This is what we look forward to every morning; this is why we don’t sit down, why we keep moving, facing challenges, and reinventing our business to cater to the needs of our clients. We are driven by the passion and the pleasure of doing what we do, by how much we value every new perspective we bring to the table, and by the peace of mind of knowing that we support local industry with a sustainable and traceable production system. For our craft and our clients we remain standing, we won’t sit down yet.

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