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Opinion Ciatti has been a brand in the furniture sector since 1950. The company is located in Calenzano, in the province of Florence, a place that has always been fervent from an artistic and cultural point of view, from an idea of ​​Rolando Ciatti and, since its inception, has been able to represent the essence itself in an immediate and coherent way. of Made in Italy, from the point of view of design and production. From one generation to the next, Opinion Ciatti is now led by Lapo, designer and grandson of Rolando, who carries on a family-run business tradition that, from the very beginning, has been oriented towards a highly innovative and at the same time functional style. The furnishings by Opinion Ciatti, for the kitchen, the living area, the sleeping area and the outdoor area, are in fact conceived according to an aesthetic module that makes design passion and breaking the mold its distinctive features. The Tuscan brand is a reality that is always open to experimentation, a real creative laboratory capable of combining craftsmanship and aesthetic renewal.

Opinion Ciatti furnishings and accessories: aesthetics at the service of functionality

The furnishing accessories developed by Opinion Ciatti are characterized by originality and the ability to break in a clear, but always harmonious way, with the classic canons of home design. The catalog of the Florentine brand offers a varied and creative assortment of sofas and armchairs, tables, chairs and a huge range of accessories designed for the living area such as bookcases and sideboards. In this direction, special mention should be made of the Ptolomeo bookcase, designed by Bruno Rainaldi and awarded the prestigious "Compasso d'Oro" in 2004. Opinion Ciatti develops 360-degree solutions for the kitchen sector and ideas for lighting interior spaces such as pendant, wall, floor and table lamps. In the outdoor area, the Tuscan company offers garden furniture designed both for home comfort and to enhance the aesthetics of the outdoor environment. Opinion Ciatti is also active in the design of solutions for the decor segment. The company offers home decorations designed with style and formal composure and fine textiles to give value and character to any type of living environment, in full compliance with the company philosophy. The company also moves in the contexts of office furniture and contract activities, with particular predisposition for the development of projects aimed at furnishing bars and restaurants.

From 1950 to today: the history of Opinion Ciatti between innovation and design

In 1950, from an intuition of Rolando Ciatti who, eager to find a functional location for television, a new piece of furniture that in those years spread to Italian homes, founded the Ciatti company, specialized in the production of furniture for televisions . After the first years of consolidation on the market, in the 1980s, the management of the company was taken over by Flavia Ciatti, the second generation at the helm of the brand, who gave a turning point to the company and, thanks also to the precious collaboration of the art director Gianni Pareschi, inaugurates a new highly innovative collection that skilfully combines materials such as steel, until then used almost exclusively for industrial use, for home design accessories. These are the years in which the brand takes on a new direction, becoming one of the symbols of Made in Italy in the home furnishings sector. The union between the company and some of the most representative designers in business consecrate the Tuscan brand, now increasingly committed to the development of a vast and transversal catalog, according to a perspective marked by aesthetic and technical innovation.

In the early 2000s, Opinion Ciatti started a partnership with the creative Bruno Rainaldi: it was in these years that the company took the decisive step in the direction of design furniture, definitively establishing itself on the market thanks above all to a proven ability to reinvent concepts and approaches hitherto never explored in the sector. The turning point of the company reaches its peak with the introduction on the market of the Ptolomeo bookcase, still today the flagship of Opinion Ciatti production. In 2011, Bruno Rainaldi passed the baton to Lapo Ciatti, who thus inaugurated the third family generation and took over both the organizational and artistic direction of the brand. The first collection signed by Lapo himself, in 2013, is the most precious manifesto of the corporate identity and is proposed as a meeting point and synthesis between the most innovative and unconventional suggestions with a taste for the historical and traditional re-enactment of the company and what it represents, tensions that run along a red thread represented by the concept of travel, in a symbolic rather than physical interpretation.

The most recent years in the history of Opinion Ciatti further mark the path of growth and exploration started in previous years: in 2016 OFF Paris Seine, the first historic floating hotel in the French capital, was inaugurated in Tuscan company; at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2017, Opinion Ciatti presents over 300 finishes that rewrite the very idea of ​​domestic space and that skilfully blend the master's own procedures with advanced industrial production systems.

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