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With nearly a century of experience in processing hides and leather, Enrico Pellizzoni produces furniture, chairs and armchairs that come alive thanks to the workmanship of skilled craftsmen in the great tradition of "Made in Italy" furniture-making. Enrico Pellizzoni belongs to the Genuine Italian Vegetable-tanned leather Consortium, which guarantees that leather and soft leather products are made in full compliance with environmental standards. The slow and natural processing, using only plant extracts for hide tanning, ensures the production of high-quality soft, fragrant and tough leather furniture designed in modern and contemporary deluxe styles. Each piece of leather furniture by Pellizzoni is inspired by the work of Italian and international designers, and is manufactured in full compliance with traditional Italian leather workmanship.

Pellizzoni produces leather and soft leather furniture, chairs, armchairs and furnishing accessories of the highest quality, ensuring each model blends the best choice of materials with the craftsman's know-how. Each piece of soft leather furniture, each leather chair and each armchair is hand finished by skilled and highly specialized craftsmen: the precision of leatherworking by hand finds its fulfillment in the use of modern technologies. The high quality of leather furniture by Pellizzoni, its leather and soft leather chairs and armchairs, its leather-finished tables and furnishings are the product of prestigious design firms that lend Pellizzoni furniture its unique, contemporary deluxe style, contributing to its reputation as a prestigious international brand.

Leather furniture by Pellizzoni is showcased worldwide and acknowledged by customers from all over the world for its quality, design and craftsmanship. In particular, Pellizzoni distributes leather and soft leather furniture, chairs and armchairs, throughout Europe and the United States, where it operates with its own Pellizzoni USA trademark. Its distribution network, however, successfully reaches its customers wherever they are - looking for high quality, Italian-made leather furniture built in the name of modern, deluxe design​

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