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Based in Treviso, Reflex produces high-end home furnishings and glass complements. The company was founded over two decades ago to give new expression and meaning to the concept of industrial glass. One of the company's most enduring ambitions is to provide every customer with the best quality project anyplace in the world. Reflex produces countless furnishing accessories that can be used in every context from the home to the office. Tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, mirrors, lamps, wall lamps, and bookcases are all designed to create refined and appealing living and working spaces. The company's new concept of industrial crystal technology is accompanied by environmental awareness. Reflex is devoted to recycling, an intrinsic feature of glass itself, and uses water-based paints and oil finishes. The brand completed its diversified and complete offering with the acquisition of the Angelo brand, specializing in woodworking. Reflex furniture can be admired in the company's historic headquarters in Biancade, Treviso; the suggestive and luminous showroom is characterized by its singular bow window constructed using nautical technologies.

Reflex customizing and contemporary design in wood and glass

Founded in the 1940s, Reflex has its roots in the family tradition of glass production that has enriched and given warmth to industrial crystal with colors and forms that recall Venetian craftsmanship. A unique product was born from the mix of elements blending the linearity and essentiality of industrial crystal with quality materials.

The elegant appearance of glass is tied to light, making it unique and different in every context. Most glass is used for its transparency, chemical inalterability, and versatility; but it is also used to produce decorative elements, accessories, lighting, and distinctive tabletops. Reflex conceives and manufactures furnishing accessories with a focus on design, materials, and customization. The brand's products combine high-quality Italian craftsmanship and sensibility to contemporary design with extreme attention to detail and manual skill. These are the strengths of Reflex, a company that has been able to enhance its professionalism, introducing new and always-current versions of its products. The result is furniture that embodies the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship, new and cutting-edge technologies, sophistication and design, always resulting in surprising and unique solutions.

Every Reflex creation can be customized according to the specific requests and needs of the client. Numerous tops, finishes, bases, and dimensions can be combined to create 100% custom products. The brand's collaborations with renowned designers have generated exclusive collections. Partnership with the Pininfarina design team produced the Vela line, with its armchair and chaise longue, and the Segno line, with its executive desk, sofa, and lamps. One of the most distinctive and versatile Reflex tabletops is RADIX. The characteristics of this new collection of tops are its micro-slats, material qualities, the warmth of the surfaces, water-based paints, and natural oil finishes that guarantee 100% recyclability. The range of Reflex wooden tops is enriched by BEVEL WOOD, with its soft edges and available in various sizes and shapes.

Reflex materials, finishes, and colors

Reflex furniture uses fully recyclable materials like glass, steel, and wood. Finishes with natural oils and water-based paints bear witness to the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. The study of new technologies in collaboration with Enel and Enea has allowed Reflex to make flexible glass and develop a new generation of ultra-thin mirrors for the reflective parabolic panels used in Thermodynamic Solar Systems. The specific technologies of glass working - cutting, grinding, milling, silvering, bending - are combined with the highest level of technological precision in processing the high-performance steel used to make the mechanisms. Reflex also conducts constant research on certified and high-quality wood.

Reflex offers a wide range of contemporary colors, created with water-based eco-friendly lacquer in a palette of innumerable color options that produce ever-changing variations. The painting of glass sheets guarantees refined results with a silky, water-based effect, resistant over time. It is also possible to customize tabletops with pioneering materials like carbon through a unique process that results in a highly technological material with an original appearance

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