List of products by brand Acquafuoco

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Acquafuoco is a new product brand from Gap, a young and innovative company that designs and manufactures unique and highly scenic furnishing accessories. Water, fire, steel, glass, marble and ceramics are natural materials and elements actively present in everyday life, the Gap team has always known and shaped them, they belong entirely to their DNA. The great passion for design, typically made in Italy, allows to synthesize matter and natural elements giving life to anthropic objects with a very strong emotional connotation, inspired by nature and made for the end customer.

The Acquafuoco bio-fireplaces

Fireplaces that do not produce fumes and fumes and do not require a flue. Bio-fireplaces represent an aesthetic and innovative solution for home furnishings and reception areas. They transform any environment into a place of emotions, relaxation and well-being, creating the right atmosphere for every occasion. They are ecological and do not need maintenance, as they are powered by bioethanol, a renewable energy source.

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