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Signorini & Coco has been producing art furniture since 1968, in line with the great cabinetmaker tradition of its founders. It immediately distinguished itself for attentive production, making bespoke craftsmanship its trademark worldwide. It has now become an international excellence in the sector of classic furnishing empowered by new challenges. Thanks to the determination and energy of the third generation, the Company strives with passion and perseverance to reach quality and stylistic perfection, thus preserving the roots of its past and always looking ahead to the future.


A touch of mastery every time

The mastery of the craftsman is a unique and unreplaceable resource, a timeless wealth. And this is the irreplaceable tool that produces the finely crafted inlays, amazing engravings, refined pictorial decor, and manual application of the gold leaf. Each craftsman is a master of tradition, and each work is unique and unrepeatable. The Company today avails of this incredible heritage, along with modern and avant-garde processing techniques. Tradition and innovation are blended in a match of style, art, and foresight.


A signature work

A complete quality cycle starts with a careful choice of the materials: only prized woods are processed, carved, and inlaid. The quality of the raw materials and experience with which each single element is produced, guarantees the efficiency and durability of the products. The finishings are done only with eco-friendly paints certified by the producers, since also the environment is a value to be handed down. Each furniture piece bears the unmistakable authentication mark, the plate that represents the essence of the company and a guarantee of the genuine “Made in Italy” label.

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