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We have been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 1969.

Our expertise is based on a deep knowledge of craftsmanship, and is at the origin of our manufacturing skill. Our design stems from a constant comparison with the most evolved stylistic scenarios, as befits a brand deeply rooted in contemporary desires.

We have been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 1969

The result of our work can be admired and touched by hand in products that stand out both for the ability to perfectly combine form and function while maintaining comfort at the center of the design, and for the special attention that, from conception to construction, is reserved for attention to detail, the value of which reflects the uncompromising quality of the whole.

Poltrona Emma

The distinctive sign of our approach is that drawn with the pencil of the best Italian and international design, to whose exponents we entrust the task of transforming the Varaschin philosophy, summarized in the concept of Outdoor Therapy, into elements and furnishing accessories that, through an original and elegant essentiality, skilfully harmonizing the exteriors with the interiors, they give everyday life a note of exceptionality.

Our mission.

“Our mission is to make it easier for people to live well in an outdoor environment. A lifestyle that makes it possible to be relaxed, peaceful and achieve an optimal psychological and physical well-being.

Outdoor quality.”

Our vision.

“Be the European benchmark for qualified outdoor furniture. We inspire people to live in an outdoor environment that is as close to nature as possible, and that ensures a high level of comfort, well-being and conviviality. We offer a new lifestyle”.

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