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Vibieffe, 50 years of emotion

1968-2018 A successful story told through the emotions of a 50-year-long tradition made of work and passion for design, elegance and comfort of an always innovative and future-oriented company.

2018 is an important year for Vibieffe

During its 50 years of activity, always devoted to 'Made in Italy', Vibieffe has created and spread its own idea of elegance and Italian style in the world of sofas and interior furnishing.

1968 is the year Italo Buccella creates Vibieffe

Italo creates Vibieffe being aware that taste and comsumption are changing: furnishings and interiors define new life styles. Elegance, comfort and aesthetic sense become an essential part of new generations' homes.

Living in the age of a "Fine Italian Design".

The birth and growth of a new generation of Italian designers who design interior furnishing solutions, armchairs, sofas and who will mark new style trends worldwide.

Vibieffe today

Today Vibieffe is a brand that express fineness, elegance and Italian style worldwide. The collaboration with designer Gianluigi Landoni, who is currently designing Vibieffe's collections and spaces, aims at developing furnishing solutions for the whole home, where sofas, armchairs and beds become the center of a universe of style and uniquess.

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