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At Vondom, interior and exterior furnishings are a way of life. A way of being. Vondom produces outdoor furniture, lighting, contract furniture and so much more with boundless passion. The brand is not only synonymous with furniture and accessories, but also with a culture of design that seeks to create always-original collections. For Vondom, the blending of space, aesthetics, form and function looks to new trends and a future where design and technology meet in an ideal embrace using modern production technologies and materials that are increasingly synonymous with sustainability. The company's activity, initiated in the rich cultural context of Valencia, Spain, has made its way onto the European and international scene - from London to Beijing passing through Mexico.

Vondom's continuously updated know-how allows the Spanish company to create magical atmospheres that enrich all kinds of spaces with its design objects, carpets and lighting. The company's mission is to surround people with beauty to allow them to live better lives and give new meaning to their most cherished places. Style, love for design, and a relentless search for detail are fundamental elements for Vondom, but they are not the only ones. The company's production of complements and furnishings is not limited to optimizing manufacturing processes but extends to its corporate social impact. Vondom's commitment to sustainability is expressed in an uncompromising pursuit of environmentally friendly methods and materials.

Sofas, armchairs, garden furniture: Vondom's different souls

Passion, innovation and daring are the foundations of Vondom's production. The company collaborates with a wide range of international designers who are not only business partners but become real ambassadors for the Vondom spirit. At the heart of it all is artistic director Ramón Esteve whose name is behind some of the brand's most successful collections like Faz and Vela; he has also designed many of the brand's lighting lines that play with the textures of glass and polyethylene.

Over time, the Spanish designer's passion has attracted many leading names in the field starting with Fabio Novembre, who designed the And garden bench and the F3 modular armchair. These uniquely appealing creations merge modernity with sophisticated formal taste. The same courage can be found in the work of Eugeni Quitllet, author of the Ibiza garden chairs, armchairs and sunbed collection as well as the Mari-Sol aluminum coffee table. Other prominent names include Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid and Javier Mariscal. Their commitment to Vondom has created a cultural current that places design at the heart of production. Vondom seeks to transform spaces to create unique, original, inimitable places. The company also produces furniture for children's spaces, hotels, restaurants and other accommodations. Style and design, within everyone's reach.

Chairs, tables and outdoor furniture appreciated worldwide

Establishing itself on international markets was, first of all, a cultural mission for Vondom; only later did it become a commercial opportunity. The company's credibility has grown over time thanks to the opening of flagship stores, single-brand showrooms and shops. With a presence in 80 countries, Vondom supplies hotels, convention centers and homes everywhere. Chairs and sun loungers from the Vela and Faz collections have been used in the W Hotels in Xi'an and Dubai. The atmospheres of luxury Beverly Hills homes come to life in the Hal Levitt house rendered unique with garden beds, stools and tables from the Faz line. The Iniala Beach Resort in Thailand is furnished with Vertez chairs, Faz sofas and chairs from the Rest collection, designed by A-cero. Vondom elegance has also come to Italy with the design for the Danama yacht, which, in addition to the Faz creations by Ramón Esteve, is furnished with tables, stools and seats from the Vertex collection by Karim Rashid. The Vigna Leonardo in Milan is also a Vondom project, using creations by such prominent names as Jorge Pensi, JM Ferrero and Teresa Sapey.

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