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Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the recognized leaders in Italian industrial design since ever. Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder, Aurelio Zanotta, starting from the 1960s it won and has held the international spotlight, thanks to its products: these are emblematic from the viewpoint of formal innovation as well as of technological research, aiming at a continuous evolution in the materials quality and in the production processes. The cultured and precious history of Zanotta is renewed in 2017 thanks to the union with Tecno, launching a common project for the two brands with the consequent strengthening of international synergies and commercial strategies under the leadership of Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of the two brands.

Today, many of these iconic silhouettes, inflected with more than a note of irony, continue to reflect the larger-than-life spirit of the brand’s founder and namesake, Aurelio Zanotta, a consummate businessman with an instinctual flair for injecting beauty, ingenuity, and whimsy into daily life. Incorporating the lessons of rigorous material and formal R&D, his is a recipe and legacy that has conquered the vicissitudes of trend and promises to withstand the test of time.

Among the original progenitors and standard bearers of Italian furniture design—the intrepid canaries when home furnishing was little more than a utilitarian cave—Zanotta has carved out an all but untouchable place in the ranks of contemporary luxury. The first to grace its catalogue with works by some of the industry’s boldest names, in sixty years Zanotta’s amassed a veritable pantheon of award-winning designs, with almost a fifth residing in permanent museum displays.


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The story of Zanotta is of one intuition —of risk taking, curiosity, reward and, above all, accomplishment— written over six fruitful decades. In that span, the brand has churned out a staggering total of 550 designs, with almost a fifth residing in permanent collections at the most prestigious museums and institutions around the world, represented by 330 individual pieces.

And while its position in the pages of design history becomes ever-more rarefied, Zanotta’s creations are intended for much more than collecting dust behind glass walls and velvet rope. Every piece, rather, is deliberately designed for active enjoyment in daily life.

Founded on the philosophy that culture and profit aren’t at odds; convinced that the furniture industry mustn’t simply bend, passively, to public demand, but must actively anticipate future needs; and espousing both exceptional form and uncompromising function, the Zanotta company and catalogue remain true originals.

“Zanotta simultaneously represents both the past and the present of international design...

The brand expresses a vision of the world, a philosophy that has always strived to go beyond the present in order to identify languages and products able to speak ‘forever.’

In its catalogue Zanotta has many lifelong bestsellers. This is evidence that if you work well, the past is never a burden, but an opportunity.”

Aldo Colonetti


Quality is perhaps the aptest and most efficient word to characterize Zanotta.

Quality of materials, always premium; of production technologies, invariably cutting edge. Then there’s quality of performance, encompassing a product’s safety and durability over time—which Zanotta evaluates via thorough endurance tests, assessing compliance with the strictest industry regulations as well as the brand’s own high standards.

Of course, there’s also the unrivaled quality of Zanotta’s craftsmanship—the pride and artisanal expertise showered lovingly on every product— and apparent in details and finishing and the maximization of inherent material beauty.

Of no less importance—but perhaps implied—is Zanotta’s quality of design, the formal excellence of products shaped by the deftest hands in contemporary design to serve as models and points of reference for the entire industry.

At Zanotta, quality also extends to after-sales service and support—represented by the brand’s uncompromising commitment to ensuring satisfaction over time, and special “made-to- measure” service, wherein spare parts, specific coverings, and other types of maintenance are available for years after the initial purchase.

And finally, there’s quality as it relates to spirit and soul of the brand itself, and its sense of obligation and commitment to the design community. Zanotta is a founding member of Altagamma, an association that, since 1992, has championed excellent Italian design on the international stage.


Headquarter and production site

Production takes place mainly within Zanotta’s Nova Milanese factory, encompassing 16,000 square metres and 90 employees, half of whom are skilled artisans engaged directly in manufacturing—and particularly in the processing of leather and fabrics for upholstered items.

Assembly and finishing operations are carried out for certain models of chairs, tables, accessories and various furniture items created by the most technologically-advanced suppliers in Italian production, largely operating in Northern Italy. As such, Zanotta production is 100% “Made in Italy”.

The commercial distribution is supported by 4 Flagship Stores and more than 800 selected resellers, with a presence in over 60 countries and a quota of exports exceeding 80% of turnover.

Milano showroom

The Milanese showroom is located in Piazza XXV Aprile inside one of the Excise Buildings.

An evocative and emotional space that tells stories of cities and journeys, inviting visitors to discover the Zanotta living scenarios: the furnishings, selected from the brand's icons and the most recent collections, become interpreters of one discreet, refined, rigorous, always modern and recognizable style through a path that unfolds room by room.

Excise Buildings at Porta Garibaldi

Piazza XXV Aprile


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