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Amini is a brand of ABC (Amini Brothers Company), a company established in 1962 by Sultan Amini. Its advanced and dynamic structure makes it a unique reality in the interior design business, where it is famed for its ability to design, execute and market all kinds of carpet: whether handcrafted or machined; whether contemporary or special limited editions by sophisticated artists; whether “bespoke” or “industrial.” An extraordinary product range, made possible by the efficiency of a tried and tested organization with manufacturing hubs located in several countries, from Nepal to India, from Afghanistan to Turkey and Morocco, where carpet weaving still represents an expression of local culture. And size does matter, not just in terms of geographic extent. A couple of points are enough to explain the scope and production capacity of a company such as ABC: 750,000 square meters of carpets stored in warehouses; over 3 million pieces housed in the huge logistics centre south of Milan, and shipped all over the world every year. It is an industrial vision with an eye to mutual exchange that feeds on the artisan identity of the product while enabling an efficient and needs-centred handling of each production batch. It is no coincidence that bespoke items currently represent more than 25% of the total output.

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