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Acerbis is one of the leading companies in the Italian design furniture industry. With 150 years of experience in the constant pursuit of modernity, the brand has produced extraordinarily innovative creations. Acerbis products - like the Moodboard console or the Axis table - have essential and rigorous lines and a perfect combination of materials and finishes.

Taking stimuli and suggestions from the world of architecture, interior design, and fashion, Acerbis is an influencer in the industrial design field. Its products have won important international awards.

With a family tradition based on an innovative vision and a design universe that combines function and the avant-garde, Acerbis continues its mission with renewed vigor thanks to its acquisition by MDF Italia and the choice of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces as the creative directors who will guide the brand towards an even more dynamic future.


Brand: Acerbis

Price £641.67

A soft, continual line which gives a comfortable, ergonomic seat with a matching, extremely light base.

Airy is a chair with a sinuous, comfortable shape, made with a lightweight moulded aluminium shell and soft cushions with quilted stitching. The opaque finish of the thin curved aluminium sheet creates a contemporary contrast to the elegant hue of the solid dark ash base. A chair that merges past and present, the solidness of the wood and the lightness of aluminium, creating an unexpected and elegant symphony of materials.

Please check leather finish attached and confirm the colour. 

Axis Wood Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £4,161.00

An ultra-slim design, which continually reveals and hides reflections and volumes depending on where the observer is standing.

Table with extra-thin top, made of composite material veneered with precious woods. Top is supported by four legs in reflecting polished stainless or brushed burnished steel, placed onto opposite perpendicular axes. The unusual position of the legs makes the top look particularly airy, granting at the same time great stability and comfortable seating around the table.

Creso Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £2,632.00

A great classic, designed by one of the masters of design and contemporary graphics, evolves with new combinations of current materials.

As the base covered in precious warm shiny brass, in elegant contrast of materials and colour with white arabescato marble top, carefully selected in quarry and finely worked. Or the new diamond finish coating in light nichel, tobacco bronze and titanium colours. Finally, the new finish “Fresco”, hand made by mixing cement paste, inert materials such as sand, marble dust, earths and special resins that allow processing “fresco on fresco” same as frescos and able to show stripes, spots, variegation, slight holes: all these are marks of the artist’s hand and exalt the beauty of always different finishes, never repetitive.

Eyon Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £3,272.00

A table, which developed from contaminations and suggestions between the world of architecture, interior design and fashion.

System of tables with top in back-lacquered tempered glass white, black, warm grey or frosted white. Marble tops with tapered edges in white arabescato or grafite grey. Central base made of thin plates in reflecting polished stainless steel or brushed burnished steel.

Giano Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £2,740.00

A table with two souls, visually light but imposing in its structure, which surprises with the varying of its shape as the viewer’s perspective changes, in a masterly play of transparencies that enhances the essential lines of the design and the versatility of the material. The base, sculptural yet soft in shape, is formed by a material interlocking between a thin transparent sheet and a thick monolith that supports the round or oval wooden top, in chromatic continuity with the base.

Judd Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £3,650.00

A monolithic structure with extremely light, minimal volumes, which combine numerous, surprisingly different materials.

Range of tables that combines an essential line with rich materials An innovative and slim structural panel forms the base of the table. The exterior is finished in mirror polished steel, the interior can accommodate a variety of materials with different effects. From intriguing reflections of glass, mirror or black to contrast of wooden fine coatings or marble veined K-Stone®, arranged in continuity of the vein.


Brand: Acerbis

Price £1,481.00

Elegant and precious low tables in bright polished stainless steel and glass, characterized by an intriguing game of reflections and transparencies. The use of “neutral” materials makes them suitable for different interiors. In different dimensions and heights, can be used as cocktail tables, side tables or occasional tables. Can be disassembled.

Maxwell Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £8,630.00

Large tables, in which natural stone covers and completely hides the metal, structural core.

The simple shape enhances the exceptional personality of the special stones. All of the grains in the marble, the shades of colours, the deep variations of dark and brightness, the mosaic of minerals, which are the result of the millenary process of the metamorphosis of the stone, are skillfully brought to light in all their beauty. The apparent thinness of the top, thanks to the tapered edge, contrasts with the visual value of the legs, characterised by a particularly shaped “V” section and made of an innovative and contrasting material combination of stone with a structural metal core


Brand: Acerbis

Price £742.00

Family of cocktail tables, side tables, occasional tables with different heights and width. While the conical base tends to disappears in the shadow, the top is raised from the ground and lives of intriguing reflections and shades of colours. The reflections of the glass top, whose perfectly glossy surface mirrors everything around, recreating the mystic reflection effect of perfectly still water, or those of the marble top, for the rich grains and mosaic of minerals it is made of. Base made from molded polyurethane BAYDUR®60, lacquered with glossy finishes. Top in back-lacquered glass or in stone. 120cm version on wheels, hidden inside the base, removable

Serenissimo Table

Brand: Acerbis

Price £3,691.00

Table with a unique and timeless design in which the apparent thinness and lightness of the glass top contrasts with the considerable diameter of the columns. These columns acquire greater expressive force from the different colours and textures of the cladding materials: the shine of the stainless steel and the concrete craftsmanship of the Fresco finish, made manually by mixing cement paste, inert materials such as sand, marble dust, earths and special resins that allow processing "fresco on fresco" same as frescos and able to show stripes, spots, variegation, slight holes: all these are marks of the artist’s hand and exalt the beauty of always different finishes, never repetitive.

Sette Magie

Brand: Acerbis

Price £1,407.00

Low tables with cylindrical metal base in two heights and widths. Base with "diamond finish" coating, in light nickel, bronze tobacco, titanium colours. Top in laminated stopsol glass, silver or bronze, backlit by an LED lamp placed inside, powered by a rechargeable battery. Easy to move thanks to hidden wheels in the base.