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In 2013, the Stockholm-based office Claesson Koivisto Rune created a collection that immediately became an icon. Still produced today, Hug is a series of upholstered armchairs and sofas with a table to complete it. It all started with an armchair with leather armrests and a metal frame, walnut and oak profiles, and polyurethane foam padding. Its extreme comfort is accompanied by a very distinctive look defined by the two softly enveloping armrests (hence the name Hug), creating a reassuring sense of personal space. With its high backrest, the sofa also adheres to the same principles as the chair and is available in different colors. It is small in size but big in comfort and relaxation.

A rectangular marble table was later added to the collection as an addition to the project. Made of metal lacquered in Hug colors with adjustable legs and wooden profiles, it has a large marble surface that makes it suitable for residential interiors, like the rest of the collection. Hug is just one of the many Arflex lines that have become iconic over the years. It is inspired by the sixties and seventies, reinterpreted only partially in a more modern key, remaining faithful to its roots.

As regards outdoor furniture, Arflex also produces the Cloud Collection by Carlo Colombo, a garden line that includes a beautiful steel sofa with elastic straps. With its soft and cozy forms, the sofa fits naturally into any outdoor space among the trees or on a lawn. It is exceptionally comfortable thanks to flexible straps that pamper anyone who sits on it. The cushions and mattresses come in fabrics suitable for outdoor use. Rubycon, a minimal and elegant wooden cupboard with hinged doors, will grace any living area. The elements are cube-shaped containers that can be stacked to create a vertical column or mounted horizontally side by side. Available in custom colors and dimensions, the cubes have no handles or visible knobs and can be used in innumerable ways.

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Brand: Arflex

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Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune 2017

Its feature is the extra width. In fact, it is slightly wider than most chairs, making it feel more luxurious than other chairs in this typology, without using more floor space than an usual chair.