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Davide Groppi is synonymous with Italian excellence in lighting. The company preserves master craftsmanship while mindful of modern paradigms. Davide Groppi lighting graces the most prestigious interiors with its balance between aesthetics, functionality, and ability to evoke emotions - one of the company's hallmarks. Davide Groppi is a national and international leader in the sector. The company's elusive, artistic, and always-innovative soul brought the brand to the fore in the design and lighting world, confirmed by the many awards and recognitions obtained over the years. In 1994, Davide Groppi had the honor of presenting 40 pieces of the Baloo model at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In 2011, the Sampei lamp received the Edida award, while in 2014, the Neuro lamp was awarded the Design Plus prize.

The most coveted awards came in 2014 and 2016 when Davide Groppi received an honorable mention for the Tetatet lamp and won the ADI Compasso d'Oro for the Nulla and Sampei lamps. Considered the most prestigious in the world of design, the award certified the company's international dimension and reinforced its successful image on the national and international scene.

Davide Groppi: lamps, lighting, and light installations

Behind every Davide Groppi creation lays a precise philosophy meant to excite and seduce. Heterogeneous in character, the brand's interior lamps are the result of the most varied inspirations ranging from art to crafts. Fixtures that play with light and draw joyful and cheerful lines flank the brand's more austere installations. Davide Groppi's creative team offers various emotional effects in the company's wide-ranging catalog of lamps and lighting fixtures. One of the brand's most recent creations is Meridiana, a wall lamp whose presence is discreet but impossible to ignore. It uses the Endless patent, which eliminates the constraints of power cables.

Some table lamps, like Bugia, feature rechargeable battery power systems. With a design based on the idea of subtraction, Nulla stands out among the recessed models. Its evocative name, meaning literally "nothing", reflects the LED spotlight that is almost invisible to the eye. Davide Groppi also innovates ceiling lamps; the Mini Punto PL is a two-point metal light installation distinguished by its clean lines and efficient operation.

Davide Groppi lighting around the world

The Davide Groppi story embodies the most distinctive traits of Italian excellence. The company was founded in the late 1980s in a small workshop in the center of Piacenza. In a stimulating and vital context, founder Davide Groppi began producing lamps and inventing lighting solutions. Right from the start, the designer was noted for his original creations; his goal was to illuminate rooms, create light sources with character, and tell a story. Davide Groppi products soon gained notice, and the company became a trusted partner of leading players in the field of design, collaborating with De Padova, Boffi, Paola Lenti, and Christofle. As the years passed, the company's reach grew even further. Davide Groppi products are used in homes, stores, museums, the hospitality sector, and for outdoor lighting.

Davide Groppi has played a leading role in numerous national and international projects. The company's work ranges from illuminating rigidly structured contexts like churches and places of worship to spaces where creativity is promoted in all forms like museums, cultural centers, and private homes. Davide Groppi fixtures can be found at the Royal Castle of Moncalieri and the museum in the former Church of Sant'Agostino in Piacenza. The Davide Groppi name is also linked to renowned star chefs. Collaborations with Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Massimiliano Alajmo, Moreno Cedroni, and Giancarlo Perbellini have led to the installation of the company's fixtures in some of the most exclusive restaurants around.

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