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Metal becomes furniture, to explore new design territories. De Castelli, has made metal its language and has managed over time to build a wide range of furnishing accessories, lighting points but above all metal coverings. Creations that at first glance could be unrelated to each other, and that instead are brought together by the presence of metal, a noble and elegant material that takes on the most disparate forms. The continuous rise of De Castelli is witnessed by the many partnerships that the Italian company has established with the most renowned brands on the international scene. This was the collaboration with Maserati at the 89th Geneva Motor show, for which De Castelli lined the interior panels of the Quattroporte SQ4 Granlusso.

De Castelli: metal furnishings and accessories

For De Castelli, metal plays a dual role. Furnishing, first of all, but at the same time interprets the architecture, the styles, the new trends. This gives rise to interior elements that can really add a touch to homes of all kinds. As in the case of the metal cupboard Marea, designed by Studio Zanellato Bortotto. In addition to the squared shapes and the presence of drawers with push-pull openings, it surprises the great skill in metalworking, which has an almost picturesque effect. Even more original is the impact with Mida, by Martinelli Venezia. This hanging unit combines brass, copper and iron in a circular structure, while the slide-mechanical sling gives the impression of being in front of a celestial body suspended on the wall. And if metal bookcases, like Existence by Michele De Lucchi and Nippon, design spaces dedicated to culture and knowledge, the Loom sofa returns to the concept of metal furniture. This fabric sofa, designed by Filippo Pisan, has a brass frame and contrasts the hardness of metal with the softness of the upholstery.

The company's catalogue also includes refined outdoor solutions. The starting point is always the metal: it is from here that new alternatives such as Cottage No. 1, by Filippo Pisan. It is an original reinterpretation of the classic garden shed, with Corten steel external profile and automatic internal lighting.

Mosaics, acoustic panels and three-dimensional coatings: the De Castelli design

Continuous exploration of the various dimensions of the design leads De Castelli to decline the metal also as mosaic floors or as fabric, but it is in the three-dimensional coatings that the De Castelli design reaches its peak. Vertical Green is a three-dimensional copper coating that evokes a “vertical garden” thanks to the modular repositioning of elements in the shape of American vine leaf. This creation of the DeSign collection traces unprecedented natural scenarios, and uses oxidation and brushing techniques to achieve a truly unique charm.

In addition to wall decorative panels, the De Code panel is not only a decorative but also an acoustic coating: a technological solution with a high aesthetic value, which thanks to the perforated metal and the internal sections made of natural hemp offers a high level of acoustic insulation.

De Castelli therefore places metal at the center of his design, and also uses it for objects such as mirrors, vases and even pet items. De Castelli's creations also include some articles in the field of lighting: Aare is a wall lamp, designed by Alexander Purcell Rodrigues, which uses metal to evoke the naturalistic suggestions of the Aare gorge in Switzerland, while the floor lamp Ribot, by Alessandro Mason, looks like a sculpture, in which the light is reflected on the brass and iron structure, creating an evocative water effect.

The history of De Castelli: from its foundation to the era of hard couture

De Castelli was founded in 2003, but rests its foundations on the experience of four generations of masters in ironworking. On the strength of this know-how built up over time, the company faces the arrival of the new millennium head-on by pointing out to the market a new idea of metalworking, more closely linked to design and custom manufacturing. This brings us to the introduction of the concept of "hard couture", a linguistic artifice that tends to underline the central role of metal, which becomes the pivotal point of production processes no longer only industrial, but also linked to creativity and artisan knowledge. This mixture allows the brand to create products in series, but at the same time unique, because it is the result of a cultural journey that is renewed every time in a unique way. In this way, De Castelli surpasses the classic concept of metal, understood only as “cold” material and relegated to the margins of design.

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