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Ditre Italia has produced sofas, armchairs, beds and upholstered accessories since 1976. In over forty years of activity, the De Marchi brothers' company - located in the province of Treviso - has opened two factories and a vast showroom where exclusive Made-in-Italy furniture comes to life. Products are available in many colours and natural materials ranging from leather to linen and cotton, tailored with sartorial quality. When creating furnishings and objects for personal well-being, sustainability cannot be neglected. Ditre Italia's effort to reduce or eliminate pollution is ever-present; the company acts with ethics and care both in the procurement of raw materials and during the production cycle, complying with all regulations. Ditre Italia offers its customers total quality in which all subjects along the supply chain play their respective parts: from the company that honours the environment to consumers who choose a brand that promotes sustainability.

Leather and fabrics are the most commonly used materials for upholstered furniture. In the first case, full-grain quality is chosen for its elegance and ability to create unique sensations. Leather is treated with natural and ecological processes to offer maximum comfort. Linen and cotton textiles are designed with unusual colours and patterns that fit elegantly into very different contexts - all with the Made-in-Italy guarantee.

Ditre Italia sofas and armchairs

Many renowned national and international designers have taken their turns accompanying Ditre Italia on its journey in the creation of exclusive "works": Lorella Agnoletto, creator of unique furnishing accessories and exclusive sofas; Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri with his iconic armchairs; Anna Von Schewen with her modular sofas. The Ditre Italia story endures with its Made-in-Italy values, attention to the choice of materials, care in the design of forms and colours and customisation according to the needs of the most discerning customers.

Loman is a curved sectional sofa, the brainchild of designer Stefano Spessotto. Made in leather, it is available with two backrest solutions: built-in or with moveable cushions (in the Loman Soft version). With a style that recalls 1970s circular modularity, the sofa is conducive to conversation in large spaces, whether residential living rooms or luxury hotel lobbies. The Kailua armchair, by designer Lo Scalzo Moscheri, is a typical example of a perch seat, an almost floating structure with an invisible metal mesh whose generous dimensions allow for total relaxation. Claire is a double storage bed that fits into bedrooms of any style, with a headboard that envelops users in a large hug. Custom fabrics can make it more classic or modern for customers who can choose between two different opening and closing mechanisms.

The history of Ditre Italia upholstered furniture

Founded in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto in the province of Treviso, the De Marchi brothers' workshop - where they designed and manufactured high quality upholstered furniture - soon became a factory where aesthetic research merged with high-performance materials. Ditre Italia products are distributed throughout Italy and are recognised thanks to the company's outstanding capillary marketing network. For company owners and staff, creating upholstered furniture is akin to tailoring. Research allows the brand to create "wearable" design, which matches client personalities to complete the look of any home, hotel or other interior space. For this reason, artistry never gives way to pure industry. Ditre Italia builds pieces that are often made-to-order, in which every aspect of the production cycle is kept under strict control and every detail meticulously cared for. Devoted artisans carry out all processes (carpentry, leather cutting, furniture packaging) with expert eyes that constantly inspect even the most technological aspects.

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