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Inventive designs, beautifully crafted into a space that is meant to be dwelled in

There are no shortcuts to beauty, since authentic aesthetic comes with a world of wisdom and experience.

That is our manifesto: striving for quality across the borders of perception, captivating the inner essence of each material, delivering it to the world in a new shape, and taking it to the next level.

Dwelling in a space and making it our own is not just an empty sentence. It’s a new philosophy of living that doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. Our one-off pieces are made for the outdoors, the indoors, or for hybrid spaces that still remain to be imagined. We work hard on a daily basis to craft the finest products, constantly building bridges between nature and human beings.


An unmistakable signature of Brianza’s craftsmanship

Ours is a story that talks about evolution and enterprise, keeping the principles of manufacturing traditions as basis for success. We are local manufacturers who proudly promote Made in Italy all over the world, always associating evolution with tradition. We want to show that all our products take a step forward: they are not designed related with space-time bounds. They are meant to be limitless, to be timeless. They are hybrid. We strive every day to build strong relationships of trust with our dealers through which we aim to deliver our values to as many countries as possible. It will be a challenge in which we will continue to invest to let Exteta reach all those living spaces that need to be reshaped.


Our Italian taste entangles every element, building that unspoiled hybrid space that lays somewhere in between instinct and culture.

The effort made by our company has always been following a defining process that leads it to gain a major presence in the design world. Now, more than ever, we feel the need to take a further step: from excellence we want to reach uniqueness. In a very brave way we decided to abandon any kind of unified path, changing the point of view with which we make people look at living spaces. We embraced a new philosophy of living that no longer defines environments through limits between what is indoor and what is outdoor but considers them as hybrid spaces that only a creative eye can animate.


Building a comfort zone is not an easy task

It requires a personal awareness of what we need the most, all along with the aim of making it a safe space where to escape the stresses of modern life. We constantly experiment and invest in advanced technologies so as to create a pitch-perfect, enduring product that is contemporary and long lasting at the same time. Our process places a great emphasis on the highest standards and quality control, as it is certified ISO9001 and proven by the accuracy of our manufactures. Our goal is to walk away from the standardization that turns everything into a copy of a copy. We are ready to fulfill all your desires, carefully listening to any of your request that can help us shaping the perfect environment. All our products are fully customizable: we design starting from our customers’ needs.

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