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Fantoni is a company, part of the same group, known on the market for the production of chipboard, raw and noble MDF, impregnated and laminated paper: from these productions are also born collections of office furniture, which include the development of new concepts, able to meet the demands of flexibility that work today requires, integrating technological innovations (like the internet of things) in order to make environments more collaborative and facilitate creative work. From the directional positions to the operational ones, without neglecting the spaces dedicated to relaxation, the entire office is carefully designed, so as to become a fertile place, which promotes the productivity of the group.

In addition to offering functional and ergonomic furnishings, Fantoni makes the offices even more welcoming thanks to the inclusion of acoustic ceilings, designed to improve the acoustic comfort and livability of the spaces. One of Fantoni’s most recent projects in this area is Nanofor, a micro-perforated panel that is visually lighter, discreet and elegant, with high acoustic performance.

Fantoni office furniture: modular, flexible and functional

The management, or representative office, must be designed taking into account the function of the spaces, but also and above all the form, fundamental as a business card with customers and suppliers. Fantoni offers elegant and functional solutions, with precious finishes and leather details. Multipliceo is a complete solution for management offices: the desks are designed with simple and clean lines, as well as an unmistakable 45° profile, handcrafted, available in clear oak, walnut or leather, within which are integrated glove compartments and accessories. The line includes desks, drawers, cupboards and meeting tables.

The needs of the spaces dedicated to operational offices are certainly of a more practical order, since this is where the main activity of the company takes place. The Fantoni catalogue allows you to choose between different styles, so as to give character to the environment, without ever giving up ergonomics and design. Woods is the collection of desks with solid wood legs, which can also have an electric mechanism inside them that allows the height to be adjusted according to ergonomic and use requirements; while Quaranta5 resumes the 45° cut but applies it to a series of desks that comply with the principle of modularity of the most recent European standards.

Fantoni's Hub collection was designed by Matteo Ragni and aims to solve the needs of a flexible working space, thanks to its modular structure. The modularity is made to promote opportunities for exchange and communication, so the "Work base" workstations alternate with "Focus Area", where you can concentrate and focus, thanks to walls covered in fabric and equipped with shelves and containers, free standing modules that allow more privacy, when necessary and can be used as self-supporting walls connecting several modules.

Ergonomics and design of office chairs Fantoni

Fantoni has also carried out studies on the ergonomics of office chairs and proposes solutions that go well with all its furnishing proposals. There are seats, like those of the Ena family, which are comfortable but essential, suitable for everyday use at the desk, but also in meeting rooms: customizable height, swing and tilt adjustments respond to movement, providing personalized ergonomic support.

In offices, however, it is often necessary to furnish spaces for shared use, dedicated for example to guests or clients, and even in these areas design plays a fundamental role: for this specific purpose, Fantoni offers modern and comfortable waiting chairs, stackable or folding, so that they can be used for different needs. The Máni chair has different accessories and configurations that transform it according to your needs: it is stackable, swivel, available with sled base, with or without armrests, adjustable on wheels, with seat cushion or front padding.

To make waiting spaces more comfortable, you can also choose from a number of comfortable upholstered furniture, sofas and armchairs, such as the contemporary Hug, which can have a high backrest that insulates from noise and a USB socket for charging smartphones and tablets, or the more classic and elegant Saffron, with steel frame and fabric or leather upholstery.

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