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Sleeping well at night means a better quality of life during the day. This, put very simply, is the underlying "culture of sleep" philosophy at Flou, the Italian company based in Meda that revolutionized the concept of the bedroom. The company's founder, Rosario Messina, maintained that "The bed is where the future is born, where the life of a couple unfolds, where the family is created, where you think about what you're going to do tomorrow." The high quality of Flou beds derives not only from their material excellence but also from their superior design. Flou collections now include more than 40 models created in collaboration with the biggest names in international design. A series of bedroom accessories complete the bed collections. With the brand's innovative "culture of sleep" idea and its targeted investments in research & development, Flou has established itself internationally as the undisputed sector leader. The company's distribution network extends throughout more than 50 countries worldwide, with two flagship showrooms in Milan and New York.

Flou collections pursue excellence. Every product is manufactured with processes that respect the health of people and the environment. The company controls and monitors all phases of the production cycle to guarantee a first-rate product. Flou meets all sleeping needs, from single, double, or convertible beds to sofas and sofa beds with a wide range of customizing choices thanks to the range of wood finishes and upholstery selections. Flou production also includes mattresses, pillows, bed and sofa linens in many colors and patterns. A collection of accessories complements the Flou proposals with bedside tables, chests of drawers, consoles, armchairs, and more for total bedroom furnishings.

Total Body, the Flou Bed System for wellness and health

Flou developed Total Body, a bed that focuses on well-being and health to make millions of people dream. Flou's extensive research, guided by constant innovation, has resulted in a "system bed" composed of elements that, combined together, ensure maximum comfort during sleep. All products are made with new, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. The Total Body system is designed to ensure immediate benefits, even regarding microclimate and microcirculation; Total Body regenerates the body, helping eliminate accumulated stress, providing the energy to face the day. Mattresses are traditionally made by hand or with innovative technologies. Bases offer not only rigid support but also optimal comfort in perfect balance with the mattress itself. Breathable pillows ensure that the head is in the correct position, avoiding circulation problems. Goose down comforters or comforters in bioceramic and silver particles are breathable and can regulate body temperature; they are available in a 4-seasons version thanks to the coupling of two comforters with different weights – a year-round product. Mattress and pillow covers in innovative materials prevent the creation of unpleasant odors, preserving a natural scent for maximum hygiene. Antibacterial, breathable, and anatomical toppers come in hypoallergenic fiber, goose down, and Memoform. The Total Body world is the most advanced solution for people who want genuinely regenerating rest.

The Flou story and the new bedroom concept

Flou was born in 1978 at a time of significant social change. Women began working outside the home, which required more comfortable and functional spaces. People's quality of life improved significantly. On the wave of this tremendous socio-cultural ferment, Flou transformed the idea of the bedroom from a static place to a dynamic and innovative space in which lively and unusual colors supplanted "total white". Nathalie by Vico Magistretti is the icon of this revolution and the symbol of Flou's great success. The designer bed is comfortable for sleep and practical to make at the same time; its removable, washable upholstery comes with colorful comforter covers.

Flou's success can be traced back to its founder, Rosario Messina, a charismatic man with extraordinary skills and great intuition. He moved from Sicily to northern Italy, where he worked as sales director of a design company and then commercial director of another one until he went to Bassetti, where he collaborated on developing textiles for the furniture sector and launching the comforter on the market. In 1978, he partnered to found Flou and later became the company's sole owner. Flou's success was immediate. Messina's resourcefulness, his desire to innovate, and his boundless passion were rewarded with the "Compasso d'Oro ADI Career" award; the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" award; "Made in Italy Awards, New York"; the Gold Medal from Confindustria Monza; the "Piazza Mercanti" award from the Milan Chamber of Commerce. He served as Director of the Monza and Brianza Industrial Association and won the Rotary "Paul Harris for Entrepreneurship" award.

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