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The Galimberti family boasts more than a century of tradition in the furnishings industry; indeed, the first workshop opened up in Brianza in the late 19thCentury. The current company was set up in the Sixties, thanks to the intuition of Nino Galimberti. The craft-based nature of its origins quickly changed and, from the 1980s onwards, the company took on industrial dimensions and focus. The next step is down to Nino's children, Carlo, Luciano and Roberta Galimberti, who from the Nineties embarked upon an expansion process to establish the brand across Italy and abroad. Responsible for the company's strategies, the new generation of Galimberti shared the creative approach and the styling principles of their products with various architects and designers. 

A key feature of the Galimberti Nino identity is the utmost expression of the Made in Italy concept, which today combines tradition with technology in a binding manner: the expertise of craftsmen adds the finishing touches to a product created using the most modern mechanisation, while the skill of expert hands adds sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. Characteristics traits of the style and of the entire Galimberti Nino product range are timeless design, reliability and durability. The products made by Galimberti Nino fully embody the concept of made and manufactured in Italy. Design, creativity, style; each production process is carefully managed and carried out by highly qualified staff backed by plenty of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry

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