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Gan is a Spanish brand that belongs to the company Gandía Blasco of Valencia and is specialized in the production and marketing of fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. The peculiarity of this brand is the fact that it is, in fact, the point of origin of the now largest Gandía Blasco. In fact, the very first production of the owner's family dates back to the forties and concerns precisely the creation of fabrics. Then, over the years, the business has been oriented differently, but the original love and passion for fabrics have never faded and have merged into this exceptional brand. Gan products are designed to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces with a unique and original style, linked to the territory in which it is made (with Mediterranean and Iberian influences, therefore): they are not only carpets or wall or furniture coverings, but also artefacts that organise the space, such as the LAN partition wall that is also perfect as a backrest for sofas. Gan is also very active in the social field, carrying out projects for the defense of children and women engaged in work in rural areas of the least developed countries, one of these activities is in India, where it is committed to advancing local communities through work and the development of creativity.

Craftsmanship and creativity of Gan products

Gan's products are not simply fabric objects: each creation has its own history and peculiarity. Nuances, for example, is a collection of felt carpets and poufs, designed by Patricia Urquiola, in which even the discarded fibres of this material are recovered, for a result that is a mix of lines and colours, reminiscent of stone. The originality in the use of materials is also characteristic of Mix&Match, a table tray created by Brazilian ceramist Flavia Del Pra, who uses an aluminium base with ceramic inserts. Available in nine exclusive models, in three different sizes, all 100% handmade, they combine elegance and practicality. Together with creativity, Gan has always accompanied in-depth technological research: for example, the Garden Layers collection is perfect for outdoor use because the fabrics used for its creation have undergone special processing that increases their resistance to atmospheric agents.

The fabrics born from the Gandía Blasco family

To understand what is behind Gan's history and philosophy it is necessary to go back to the roots of Gandía Blasco, the company where it all began. Founded by the family of the same name in 1941 and immediately renowned for the production of fabrics, this company - in the nineties - switched to the production of interior and exterior furnishings. But the passion for fabrics never wore off and Gan became the younger sister, but no less important than the first. In 2004, Gan's artistic direction passed into the hands of Mapi Millet: with his creative impulse, the company defined its guidelines, made of artisan work, a lot of creativity and a strong curiosity for new techniques and new designs. The concept of home, understood not only as a place to live, but as a lifestyle, is an idea that Gan shares with Gandía Blasco: private areas and areas for conviviality with friends and relatives are distinguished by a different way of conceiving space, made of original fabrics, used in unexpected ways, creating an immersive experience of great impact. Gan is today synonymous with quality, attention to the environment, technology combined with craftsmanship and passion for a Mediterranean taste that is exported from Europe to showrooms around the world.

Original and customizable carpets and fabrics

Gan takes care of the whole production chain, from the project to the realization and delivery. Artisans, architects, international artists, associated companies: all work for maximum originality, quality and customer satisfaction. Gan production, in addition to standard carpets and fabrics, which are highly appreciated and present in hotels and offices all over the world, also includes a truly exclusive customisation programme. From the inspection to listening to the client's needs, everything is analyzed in detail to arrive at the best solution: carpets and fabrics completely customized for material, shape, size are used to cover armchairs, sofas, walls to create unique and non-replicable environments. Here again, we are mainly talking about offices and accommodation facilities that want to offer originality to their clients.

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