Judd Table
Creso Table

Serenissimo Table

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Table with a unique and timeless design in which the apparent thinness and lightness of the glass top contrasts with the considerable diameter of the columns. These columns acquire greater expressive force from the different colours and textures of the cladding materials: the shine of the stainless steel and the concrete craftsmanship of the Fresco finish, made manually by mixing cement paste, inert materials such as sand, marble dust, earths and special resins that allow processing "fresco on fresco" same as frescos and able to show stripes, spots, variegation, slight holes: all these are marks of the artist’s hand and exalt the beauty of always different finishes, never repetitive.


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System of tables with glass crystal tops supported by columns with a significant diameter in different fine materials: “Fresco” finish (cement paste with special resins and pigments), shiny reflective stainless steel. Tops made of transparent or extra-clear opalescent glass that is 15 mm thick or is made of transparent grey hardened glass. Frame made of grey painted micaceous metal.


TOP: Glass top can be transparent or opalescent, thickness 15 mm, or in alternative transparent grey or opalescent grey tempered glass thickness 12 mm. Polished edges.

FRAME: weld steel. Matt polyurethane varnish.

LEGS: thick steel columns with "Fresco" finish or coated with reflecting stainless steel.


STEEL PARTS: polish with a cloth dampened with water and immediately wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use brushes or sponges made of steel or scratchy materials.

ENCAUSTIC PARTS: gently rub down with a dry cloth and a little wax emulsion.

NEUTRAL OR GREY TRANSPARENT GLASS: gently rub down with a damp cloth using any of the products currently available on the market for cleaning glass.

OPALESCENT GLASS PARTS: gently and evenly rub down with a damp cloth (water only) and then dry immediately with a soft cloth.

VARNISHED PARTS: gently rub down with a damp cloth (water + neutral soap). Do not use alcohol or detergents.

TRANSPARENT AND LAMINATED GLASS PARTS: wipe with a cloth moistened with one of the glass cleaning products normally on the market.


Do not use in an improper way. In particular, do not climb or sit on it or rest heavy objects on it or any item for which the product has not been specifically designed. 


Cm. 145x145 and cm. 160x160 (Frame 56x56 cm. Column Ø 28 cm.)

Cm. 240x126 (Frame 98x42 cm. Column Ø 28 cm.)

Cm. 300x110 (Frame 178x42 cm. Column Ø 28 cm.)

Ø 160 cm. and Ø 180 cm. (Frame 56x56 cm. Column Ø 28 cm.)