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MEMEDESIGN s.r.l. is a young and dynamic based in the pleasant town of Rimini and producing trendy, useful and never banal interior design objects and furnishings.

It is a typical Italian family company. Cinzia Olivieri is the owner of the company and also the artistic director.

The brand MEMEDESIGN was born in 2012 in an unusual way. The firs idea was given by Sartini Michele, young partner of the company with a strong attitude for innovation. In a short period of time the idea became reality:

  • producing objects with a propositive and contemporary design that can be used in several housing spaces
  • giving a higher value of the iron sheet through soft, round and sinuous shapes
  • enhancing the value of the color.

MEME’s name comes from Memetic , the modern science that studies “memes “ the unit of measurement of the ideas in the society. Already in the name, you can find the mission Every MEME product must therefore meets the following requirements:

  • creative and versatile design
  • round and sinuous shapes
  • possibility to be placed in several housing areas
  • excellent MADE IN ITALY quality
  • easy to handle and mount

In addition to its design and its products, MEME is different from the competition thanks to four characteristics:

  • high number of colors available
  • quick deliveries in 15 days
  • competitive price
  • no minimum order

We are small but fast: this is the slogan that echoes inside the company. Quick deliveries, particularly appreciated by the customers, are possible thanks to a considerable warehouse of products just to customize with colors on customers’ requests. The small dimensions of the products enable an easy handling and mounting.

Production, planning and property are completely MADE IN ITALY, to spread the true culture of the Italian design, made of love, passion, competence and professionalism. Attention to detail and to finishes, every single product is checked one by one is a sure guarantee of true MADE IN ITALY.

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