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Miniforms is the vibrant and dynamic soul of contemporary furniture. Since the early 1970s, this original, young, and highly creative company has been able to convey the importance of experimenting with materials, colors and an avant-garde, cutting-edge style. Miniforms was born from the entrepreneurial drive of Luigi Bardini who founded Industria Veneta Tavolinetti (Inveta) at the time; the company's fame grew over the following decade when it emerged on the international scene thanks to its originality, a clear sign of its designers' mission. Colors became brighter and more playful. Materials became ecofriendly. Products became easy to organize in private, public or commercial spaces to create lively and bizarre atmospheres. Wood, which monopolized the first collections of chairs, tables and storage furniture, left room for experimentation with metal and glass - raw materials treated to make the company’s products powerfully original and unique.

Aware of how difficult it is to create new products for consumers and design enthusiasts, Miniforms promotes research that is the means the company uses like medicine to enthrall, amaze, captivate and intrigue with genuinely unique, curious and always avant-garde ideas. Whether it's a cupboard, sofa, lamp or mirror, the fascinating aesthetic experiments never end. The company's goal is to revolutionize the often-stereotyped vision of common, everyday objects. Miniforms is ideal for people who are ready to push the limits of their creative and visual horizons to create cheerful, colorful, ironic and subtle atmospheres.

Miniforms furniture: elegance and originality

Originality has always been the hallmark of Miniforms products, recognized by important national and international awards for the company's exciting and bizarre projects. Otto Table, recipient of the Young&Design Award 2011, is a modern walnut table suitable for a spacious and bright space - the undisputed star of the living area. Designed by Paolo Cappello and much appreciated for the asymmetrical and detailed architecture that has made it an icon, it has been the feather in the Miniforms cap with its quick and spontaneous lines without ever being trivial or indistinct. Its fascination lies in the ability of its creator to have made a solid material appear almost as if it were quickly sketched by hand on a sheet of paper.

Miniforms has not missed a beat with its recent production of chairs, armchairs, stools, bookcases, shelves, mirrors and accessories of various types and dimensions. In 2015, Paolo Cappello gained recognition for the company thanks to Caruso, a wood sideboard with integrated speakers and a wide range of customization possibilities for the finishes of the horn and for the structure's legs. A strong hi-tech identity merges with a piece of furniture that manages to create a skillfully balanced mix between the spontaneity and aesthetic strength of a primitive and natural material with an audio system designed to create a cozy corner in the living area.

Furniture and complements with a cheerful and colorful design

In today's world where attention has shifted to issues like usability, minimalism, the essential and the search for living spaces that can maximize the often-reduced spaces of modern dwellings, Miniforms raises a voice of affectionate and provocative protest, producing some truly unique furniture designed to express the many facets of every individual. The lines are simple and attractive; colors can be customized and are always cheerful.

Miniforms embodies lightness and displays propensity for experimentation. Under the favorable Made in Italy star, the company has given life to a colorful and caricatured world that is refined and never excessive, where colors merge perfectly with hi-tech production. Decades ago, the company embraced totally green values, an issue that many companies in the sector have only recently begun to address. Production focuses on reuse and "zero waste", values appreciated in contemporary culture in keeping with the thought-provoking avant-garde appeal that has accompanied the creative momentum of Miniforms since its inception.

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