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MisuraEmme is a historic furniture company founded in 1902 in Mariano Comense, Brianza. With over a century of activity and an approach that has always focused on technological innovation and design research, the company has established itself as a leader in the Made in Italy furniture sector. The MisuraEmme catalog is distinguished by its variety of transversal products, with items dedicated to home - for living spaces as well as for sleeping areas - and contract furnishings: sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs for the living room and bedroom; closets, bookcases, wall systems, beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers, and a wide range of furniture for public facilities, accommodations, and food establishments. MisuraEmme also provides custom solutions specially tailored to clients' specific requests. The company has succeeded in opening up to the global market without sacrificing the values of craftsmanship and tradition that have always set the Brianza company apart.

MisuraEmme at home: furniture for the living and sleeping areas

Longstanding experience and outstanding quality characterize MisuraEmme products. The company's goal is to respond to contemporary lifestyles, seek new inspiration, and develop innovative collections that intercept and rework current trends and tastes, continually updating its catalog. The entire production process is managed in Italy, fully respecting Made in Italy values. MisuraEmme has time-honored expertise in making furnishings for the living area; based on the brand's technical and aesthetic know-how, the company produces objects of indubitable quality and style. Sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, and footrests in fabric and leather represent the seating line. Daytime furniture includes tables, chairs, desks, and consoles that combine traditional craftsmanship with different styles and quality material. Design and elegance are the stylistic canons that characterize MisuraEmme furniture for double bedrooms and children's bedrooms, with products that range from beds to walk-in closets, chests, and bedside tables in a wide variety of superior quality and carefully crafted materials. MisuraEmme produces complements in wood, natural stone, and glass, always seeking a harmonious balance that is both appealing and functional.

MisuraEmme contract: public facilities, hotels, and restaurants

Together with residential furnishings, MisuraEmme also manufactures contract furniture, developing refined and practical solutions for public facilities, restaurants, and hotels. MisuraEmme's collections are ideal for lounge areas with sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables designed to distinguish elegant and practical spaces. All interiors can be customized according to client needs and expectations. At MisuraEmme, hotels, relais, and b&b's can find a series of formally and stylistically versatile options for sofas, closets, and beds. In the food sector, the brand offers restaurant tables and seating with balanced lines and aesthetic restraint.

Respect for the environment and deep-rooted traditions: the MisuraEmme story

MisuraEmme has been a reliable furniture manufacturer since 1902, the year in which Giovanni Mascheroni opened the company's first facility in Mariano Comense. Today, the factory occupies an area of 35,000 square meters and the family-run business has handed down its values from generation to generation, consolidating its philosophy of traditional craftsmanship, customization, quality materials, and innovation. During the 1960s and 70s, at a time of market friction, the brand maintained its position by reinforcing its resilient pioneering and innovative strategy. The Brianza brand's growth has been constant over the years, reaching full maturity in the 1990s - first under the direction of architect Tiziana Mascheroni, then with Daniele Mascheroni and Gianni Borgonovo. MisuraEmme's revolutionary spirit is embodied in numerous products that break with the aesthetic conventions of home furnishings; the double-sided Crossing bookcase proposes a new way of thinking about the very concept of the bookcase, with a view to visual lightness and minimalism.

The company's passion for experimentation is also manifested in its production processes. The best example of its ability to anticipate trends is its futuristic painting system: MOS technology uses water-soluble products that guarantee the same performance standards as traditional ones. Its success is evidenced by the prestigious Aquaver® certification issued to the company by ANVER (Italian Painters Association) with number 0001. MisuraEmme was the first company to believe in the new painting techniques, demonstrating that it is possible to maintain high performance without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

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