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Casa Nobile has been an Italian excellence in the luxury furnishing sector for over twenty years. We present our collections with a dual objective: on one hand preserving the history and identity of the classic processing, and on the other hand giving contemporary forms to each model. This philosophy along with the passion for our work, enable us to create the most sophisticated solutions for internal luxury design. The brand Casa Nobile is synonym of quality and guarantee in the classic furniture sector, in Italy and all over the world.

The headquarter is located in Tezze sul Brenta, a town close to the beautiful city of Bassano Del Grappa, whose area is well known for the ancient processing of classic furniture. The competitiveness of Casa Nobile is the result of a strong know-how and a constant product research, in order to reflect the tastes and styles of an international market. Our long-standing experience in the sector and our high quality products represent us as the real Made in Italy in the world.


Casa Nobile is specialized in custom-made projects and its total living concept enable us to create classic and contemporary spaces, which are aesthetically perfect and uniform. Our Design Office develops every project, evaluating and coordinating all the functional and construction aspects. The aim is to make each project unique, using the elegance and the stylistic excellence that only the real Made in Italy can express. With a touch of glamour each realization can become a real art expression.


The craftmenship of the whole manufacturing process makes each Casa Nobile realization unique and inimitable. The manual art can be seen also in the high level finishings. Each piece is authentic and the use of the hot brending guarantees the best quality and safety to the customer, avoiding any kind of falsification. Casa Nobile uses only premium materials. Before starting the production process, the wood is thoroughly checked. The carpenters manually create each single detail with great skill.


Our company wants to be a great joinery, refusing any industrial features, in order to use the productive process that more meets our needs, without any restrictions. The whole production cicle takes place in Italy, in our factory. Each step, from the manufacturing to the varnishing process, is constantly checked.The respect of the environment and the safety for our workers and customers are crucial points for the Casa Nobile tradition. Our creations are manually varnished using natural products, which give to the finishing a stunning effect.

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