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Fast was established in Valle Sabbia in 1995 when the Levrangi family pinpointed aluminium as their material of choice: lightweight, versatile, ductile and sustainable because it can be recycled indefinitely. The company has chosen to develop products that are 100% outdoor, thought to last over time, to be extremely we ther-resistant and totally waterproof.

Thanks to the collaboration with Robby and Francesca Cantarutti, the brand’s ongoing bestselling Forest collection was launched in 2007. On the other hand, it is the intuition of Studio Lievore Altherr from Barcelona which leads the brand to experiment, ten years later, with a new sensuality of styling silhouettes and most of all, new sophisticated materials. The orientation is also towards customisation: the skills in processing aluminium, combined with a rigorous internal production and an authentic Made in Italy, allow Fast to deal with a wide range of personalisations in terms of sizes, colours and finishes.

Fast’s Outdoor Lifestyle is expressed in all its facets: not just a garden, a seafront patio, extensive grounds, but also city squares, streets, terraces in megalopolises surrounded by skyscrapers. It is a nature that we are committed to protecting, in a concrete approach to sustainability: that is why we do our best to involve the whole chain in a continuous research, to increase the longevity of products and reduce their impact throughout the life cycle.

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