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Company Profile

Boldly making our mark on the Italian design scene, our emerging lighting and décors Brand strives to push the boundaries of excellence and precision in traditional craftsmanship through rigorous research and the synergy of carefully selected local artisans.

Our journey starts from a compelling exploration of tradition, the artisan mastery, and that making full of charm, care, and perseverance that characterizes the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Therefore each Formaminima creation is crafted in those same places where the know-how is handed down and thoroughly kept for generations, exclusively in our territory. Carefully selected workshops, ateliers, and studios become our precious partners in the realization of every single piece, merging sought-after materials passion, re-visited production processes, and an innovative aesthetic.

Artisanal know-how

We selected the highest quality local materials, the excellence of craftsmanship informed by a contemporary design ethos. 

Between the chosen sought-after materials for our creations, there is the hand-ground crystal, a precious heritage of Venice glass maker artisans, turned into ethereal light diffusers or mirror-shaded trompe l'oeil décors. The noble and durable solid brass, whose surfaces are often transformed into lightweight structural folds; the cutting-edge extra thin solid marble slabs of Black Portoro gold vein, Green Alpes, Pink Onyx and Calacatta Gold, which become permeable to light. The exquisite textures of Olive and Walnut burl-wood, wisely handworked by traditional cabinet-makers. Lastly the fine porcelain from Limoges, with a biscuit finish, translucent and as thin as an eggshell, baked according to innovative techniques and artisanal methods.

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