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Rocco Di Francesco

Degree in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan. I live and work in Italy, in a small town under the Gran Sasso mountain.

I participated in several exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. My aim is to dialogue with collectors and other players in the sector.

With my work I try to act as an intermediary by translating what happens in society. My research is based on everyday life and in particular on small details, which, at times, might seem insignificant, but which are actually fundamental.

I try to have a broad, free and unconditional gaze.

I allow myself to be amazed and I examine the various experiences I live, channeling them into my work. These are the reasons for the variety of themes I address.

I create my works by choosing the best and most necessary means of expression and technique so that the message passes through the work as concretely as possible; for this, I study what is the best possible format which, therefore, will be modified as the case requires.


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